Retirement Coaching

Plan for Retirement Well-Being

Do you want more prosperity, health and happiness in your next stage of life? I can help.

Retirement Well-Being

Retirement Well-Being

If you’re at the middle stage of life, you view retirement planning as more than just financial. Although having enough money is absolutely essential, it’s also important to plan for staying healthy. And what’s the point of money and health if you don’t have fun, engagement and meaning in your life?

If you’re ready to design your next stage of life, then let’s do it together! We’ll identify what you want in every part of your life, check to see if you’re on track, and make the changes you need to create your ideal retirement.

For our coaching sessions, we’ll use my unique planning tool– the Retirement Well-Being Model, which draws from many sources. It’s the basis for my book with Dick Bolles, What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement. For planning your happiness, you’ll use the latest approaches from Positive Psychology, and new research into the power of social networks. For planning your health, you’ll do subjective and objective biological assessment, and determine your medical philosophy for when you need treatment. For planning your prosperity, you’ll identify financial Autopilot strategies to make sure you save enough money in advance– and don’t spend it too fast after you retire. You’ll also evaluate your four levels of geography to decide whether to move or stay where you are.

Benefits of This Retirement Coaching Program

Retirement Fields of Knowledge

Retirement Well-Being Fields of Knowledge

We’ll custom design the program specifically for you, and your goals. No “cookie-cutters” here. The foundation of your custom designed program will be to:

  • Determine the best time to retire
  • Explore whether to work in retirement
  • Clarify your deepest core values for your life
  • Discover how to plan for more fun, challenge, and fulfillment
  • Identify your unique personal approach to keep your body healthy
  • Implement your Autopilot strategies for optimizing retirement income
  • Determine whether you should stay or move from your residence- and when

Coaching Package, $1098

We’ll meet for five sixty-minute coaching sessions, on whatever schedule supports your success. One advantage of this approach is that by planning to reach your goal within five sessions, we’re most likely to achieve it! If you’re ready to make a lot of progress quickly, we’ll meet more frequently. If you want to go more slowly, we’ll space them farther apart. You’ll spend as much or as little time in-between as you need to make the most of our time together. Most clients do reach their goals within the five sessions.

$1098 for five sessions over time.

Thank you,

John E Nelson

Co-author, What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement

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